The Final Exam will be held on May 24, Friday at 13:00


The final exam will be on the 'invention of tradition,' a phrase made popular by Eric Hobsbawm.

You are advised to make use of the existing reading materials for the course, as well as the two additional sources listed below:






Mid-term for PSI424 will be held on May 7, Tuesday.


The exam will be open-book. You may bring in all of your study materials and use them during the exam.


The exam is about the criticism of the Dependency Theory as it is applied to the Nineteenth-Century developments in the Ottoman Empire.


In addition to your reading materials in the syllabus, you are requested to make use of Anthony Brewer's book on theory, and Keyder's State & Class in Turkey: A Study in Capitalist Development.


You may find the relevant books below:



You may also peruse Keyder's another book: